Vincent Ballard

Theatre #6 (Green / Red)
2020, photograph on paper chromogenic paper laminated
on aluminium, Plexiglas, 36 × 24.5 × 16 cm, unique piece

© Vincent Ballard. Courtesy Galerie Lumière des roses.

2020, chromogenic print laminated on a wooden box, Plexiglas, dimensions variable (box 55.5 × 55.5 × 14.5 cm / disk diam. 49 cm), piece of art disc diam. 49 cm), unique piece

© Vincent Ballard. Courtesy Galerie Lumière des roses.


Vincent Ballard likes to talk about photography in terms of gestures. His of sculpture during his studies at the Beaux-Arts is undoubtedly a factor in his singular approach to the medium.
is probably not unrelated to his singular way of approaching the medium. For him, all the gestures necessary for the appearance of an image are bearers of meaning; from then on, his work will consist of inventing modes of action to make visible these to make visible these gestures which usually disappear in the flatness of the print.

With the Théâtres series, presented at the exhibition, whose title echoes Lucio of Lucio Fontana's Teatrini, the artist deploys his latest research around the photogram. In the wake of the American minimalist artists, he uses geometric forms, he uses simple geometric forms and primary colours, but it is in a very contemporary movement that he takes the photograph out of its frame to confront it with the from its frame to confront it with three-dimensional space.
In concrete terms, this work is done on colour silver paper, using pieces of coloured pieces of Plexiglas, first used as masks under the enlarger, then combined under the enlarger, then combined with the print to form a work in volume.
This device creates a subtle effect of depth which holds the eye and the eye and traps it, the play of inverted colours finishing to disorientate it.

Vincent Ballard graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014 and co-foundedthe YOURS collective. In 2016, he exhibited at the Musée de la Chasse et de Nature for the Night of the Museums, then at the Hippocrene Foundation. This was followed by a first solo show at the Premier Regard gallery, then a second at the space 19 Côté Cour. In 2018, he participated in the exhibition Adieu, commissaire at the invitation of Éric Poitevin, then at Parcours Saint-Germain.He begins his collaboration with the Lumière des roses gallery in 2019.

Galerie Lumière des roses

In 2004, Philippe and Marion Jacquier created the Lumière des roses gallery
in Montreuil. Their pioneering work in the revaluation of anonymous photography
quickly made them known to collectors and institutions, notably through the Paris Photo fair in which they have participated for the past 15 years. In 2018, they opened a new avenue of exploration by exhibiting young visual photographers (Laure Tiberghien, Prix Découverte
and Vincent Ballard) whose particularity is to produce unique works that question the limits of the photographic tool.

Galerie Lumière des roses, 12-14, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau —93100 Montreuil, France

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