14 solo shows & 1 duo 

Pooya Abbasian (IR) supported by Françoise pour l’œuvre contemporaine (FR) 
Véronique Bourgoin (FR) supported by Anonymous
Clara Chichin (FR) & Sabatina Leccia (FR) supported by proche (FR)
Cyrus Cornut (FR) supported by proche (FR)
Frédérique Daubal (FR) supported by Studio Vicarini (FR) & Agence On (FR)
Martin Désilets (CA) supported by Beat Aeschlimann (CH) 
Ingrid Dorner (FR) supported by Jérôme Prochiantz (FR)
Denis Félix (FR) supported by Annabelle & Jean-Christophe Gard (FR) 
Nils Guadagnin (FR) supported by Laurent Germain (FR)
Amélie Labourdette (FR) supported by Anonymous
Sandra Matamoros (FR) supported by Art Collector, Jacques Deret (FR)
Clement Mitéran (FR) supported by proche (FR)
Christophe Ollivier (FR) supported by Jean-Luc Etievent (FR)
Maxime Riché (FR) supported by M-C Vignal & M Guillier, Anonymous
Vera Van Almen (NL) supported by Anonymous


The unRepresented and a ppr oc he  salons are members of 
Réseau Lux
National professional network of festivals and exhibitions working to disseminate, transmit and promote photography

Images by © Grégory Copitet & Tony Do / Say Who

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