A new salon devoted to unRepresented artists who appropriate the photographic medium, supported by a community of collectors.

A salon to support contemporary creation.

This has always been the primary objective of the a ppr oc he salon. To enable artists, whether or not they are represented by a gallery, to present the contemporary experimental photography scene to the public, to forge links with the major players in the creative process and to offer them the ecosystem they need to develop and be seen.

unRepresented by a ppr oc he is entirely devoted to artists not represented in galleries.
For the first time, collectors and artists are joining forces for a new fair, a testimony to the commitment of collectors to support non-represented artists.
Because these artists, some emerging, others established, are the great ones of tomorrow and represent an essential part of the contemporary scene, deserve a prominent place.

This new and innovative salon keeps the original essence of a ppr oc he : an art fair on a human scale dedicated to artists who experiment with the photographic medium, built like an exhibition and composed only of solo shows.

Emilia Genuardi, Founding Director

A collaborative construction of meaningful and coherent solo-shows between artists, collectors and curators.


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