Caroline Rivalan [fr]

Catalepsie, 2022
UV prints on plexi, colored leds, wood, 23,2×31,1 in, unique piece

Photo © François Fernandez

Troisième œil, 2022
UV prints on plexi, colored leds, wood, 15,7×19,6 in, unique piece

Photo © François Fernandez

Born in 1981 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Lives and work in Nice, France

Persona Muta

Caroline Rivalan explores the feminine myths and the hedonistic as- pect of nature by appropriating images she visually transcribes through assembly operations. The images she produces in microcosms (diora- mas) or macrocosms (lighting installation devices) mix various ranges with irreverence and sarcasm. Ensues a phantasmagoric universe where the feminine holds a singular place.

For Persona Muta, the artists took interest in Professor Charcot’s female patients in La Salpêtrière hospital, at the end of the 19th century. Taking over the images of the photographic device set up on location by the famous neurologist, Caroline Rivalan questions this exploitation of the female body by mixing silhouette and insanity. The multiplication of these archival images transforms the object into a subject and thus suppresses the authority figure orchestrating these representations to transport the established power relationship. It is a matter of deconstructing the relationships of domination.

After graduating from La Esmeralda in Mexico City and the Villa Arson in Nice, Caroline Rivalan was invited on several occasions to exhibit alongside artists such as Ben Vautier and Moo Chew Wong at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nice. Her work has been exhibited since 2009 in France and abroad, including contemporary art centers and artist-run spaces.

Galerie Eva Vautier [fr]

Since it opened in 2013, the Galerie Eva Vautier has been building links between generations who stood out in the history of Contemporary Art, from the School of Nice and the Fluxus movement to this day. It represents with the same intensity emerging artists and those of an in- ternational reputation. The gallery gives a specific significance to the support and promotion of women. Its artists develop themes connected to the relationship with nature, human being and daily life. And, the gallery offers an innovating vision or contemporary art and contributes towards revitalizing the French artistic scene. Its special relationship with Ben Vautier allows it a free and experimental tone recognized by the institutions.

Galerie Eva Vautier :  2 rue Vernier 06000 Nice, France

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