Asterionellopsis glacialis, 2022 
Cyanotype on glass and fluorescent vinyl emulsion, 7,9×7,9 in,
edition of 3+2 artist’s proof

© Manon Lanjouère / Courtesy Galerie du jour agnès b.

Emiliania huxleyi, 2022
Cyanotype on glass and fluorescent vinyl emulsion, 7,9×7,9 in,
edition of 3 + 2 artist’s proof

© Manon Lanjouère / Courtesy Galerie du jour agnès b.

Born in 1993 in Paris, France
Lives and works between Paris and Brittany, France

Les Particules, le conte humain qui pleure

Immersed in intimate, physical, or metaphysical spaces, the multidis- d’une eau qui meurt ciplinary work of Manon Lanjouère questions our imaginations and reveals a fascinating combination of science and poetry. The photos, sculptures, collages, archives, and poetic writings that shape her installations are as much scientific research as they are illusion. An unusual story is to be detected under fabricated images, clues, and words, that invite reflection and the creation of false witnesses reveals the ambiguity of our perceptions to better deceive us. Her interest in the development of tools for observing the world, such as the microscope, the telescope, and later photography, which offer accessibility to the invisible, allow her to tell the unknown. She then sets up a form of mimesis of the invisible, where the mental image appeals to our collective imagination. Her imaginary stories and their marvelous dimensions are now mixed with the images of the progress of the present to give birth to a reality not yet seen, proposing a journey between past and anticipation. Fiction becomes a funda- mental stimulus for Men to apprehend their environment .

Les Particules, created following a residency on board the schooner Tara, offers a new form to the destroyed world of tomorrow by reinventing its structure: plastic materials become the new representative form of microscopic underwater life.

Manon studied Art History at the Sorbonne before specializing in photography at the Ecole des Gobelins. Finalist of the HSBC Prize for Photography in 2019, she presented her first solo show at the MEP (2020). The same year she won the “image 3.0” commission launched by the Jeu de Paume and the Cnap, whose collections she joined. Her work is part of the collections of the Nicéphore Niépce Museum (France) and the Elysée Museum (Switzerland), as well as private collections.

La Galerie du jour agnès b [fr]

The Galerie du jour first opened in 1983 rue du jour right next to agnès b. historical boutique before moving rue Quincampoix (le marais) where it has been active for 20 years. The Galerie du jour is now located on the second floor of la Fab. in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It hosts five exhibitions a year in a modular space of approximately 200m2. The gallery is still promoting the discovery and support of french and international artists.

Galerie du Jour agnès b. : Pl. Jean-Michel Basquiat 75013 Paris, France

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