Marc-Antoine Garnier [fr]

Colonnes, 2021
Set of rolled photographs, pigmentary print on Etching 310g paper, 43,3×25,6 in, unique piece

© Marc-Antoine Garnier / Courtesy Galerie Bacqueville

Born 1989 in Fougères, France. 
Lives and works in Rouen, France

Le bruit du vent

Marc-Antoine Garnier is a French photographer and visual artist who graduated from the École Supérieure d’art et de Design Le Havre-Rouen. He strives to “deconstruct” and “reconstruct” photography through a spatialization of this traditionally two-dimensional medium. He literally gives body to his images, taking as subjects the sky, the sea, the rocks or the vegetation. His photographs are objects that question the very nature of the image while taking us on a journey through the grace of natural phenomena, such as the evanescence of clouds or the power of waves, highlighting their changing state. Marc-Antoine Garnier explores the boun- daries between sculpture and photography through a reflection on the forms of space and ways of investing the exhibition space. The artist intends to show how the image, through its materiality and the relationship it has with its support, opens up ways of understanding our relationship to time and space.

By immersing himself in natural phenomena, Marc-Antoine Garnier presents us with a reflection on the materiality of the image in his exhibition Le bruit du vent. Through the mobility of one’s vision and the mental reconstruction, the artist wishes to involve us physically in the perception of the images.

Marc-Antoine Garnier has had the opportunity in recent years to present his work in numerous exhibitions such as at the Frac Grand Large during his solo exhibition L’ombre des jours in 2022. His research also meets a particular echo in Japan where he exhibited at the Nishieda Foundation as part of the Nuit Blanche de Kyoto in 2017 but also at the Tezukayama Gallery in 2016. His works are included in the collection of the FRAC Normandie-Rouen, as well as in several art libraries in France.

Galerie Bacqueville [fr / nl]

Cédric Bacqueville opened his gallery in Lille in 2004, and a second space in the Netherlands in 2021. Committed to show a program that is both accessible and ambitious, Cédric Bacqueville makes sure to work with artists from different generations and backgrounds, from David de Beyter (1985) to Jan van Munster (1939). His geographical location allows him to circulate in Europe and to support his artists through different exhibitions and fairs. Passionate and connoisseur of photogra- phic techniques, Bacqueville maintains a privileged link with various visual artists who experiment with this medium.

Galerie Bacqueville : 32 rue Thiers 59000 Lille, France & Vlissingsestraat 239A, 4388 HC Oost-Souburg, Netherlands

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