Matthieu Boucherit

Matrices (extract), 2019-2022
56 textile silk-screening screens, 22×18,1 in each
Installation 1/1 + 1 individual edition + 1 artist’s proof

© Salim Santa Lucia

Right(s) Left, 2019-2022
Gelatino silver bromide on anti UV glass, metal frames on pivots, 20,5×16,5 in each,
15-piece installation + 1 individual edition + 1 artist’s proof

© Salim Santa Lucia

Born in 1986 in Cholet, France. 
Lives and works in Paris, France.


For several years, Matthieu Boucherit has been developing a range of plastic strategies that aim to deconstruct our intimate relationship to images. He thus points out the ideological background and the rela- tions of power which are contained in it. At the crossroad of different media–painting, drawing, photography, text, video, installation–with a plastic vocabulary often inspired by the photographic medium and equip- ment, his work insists on the need to re-inject a critical distance to what is generally imposed on our eyes. He overlays technical issues with narratives related to memory, doubt, vulnerability, and media, political, economic and social processes. Between historical archives and contemporary news, Matthieu Boucherit ope- rates through filters, subtractions and displacements, in order to find a place for his art in this minimal gap that reveals reality.

In collaboration with the conductor Mehdi Lougrahida, the PROVA project engages a reflection on the representation of power, especially through the analogy between the head of state and the conductor. The different works presented during the a ppr oc he salon form links between a history of reproduction techniques (gelatin silver bromide on glass, screen printing, analog and digital processes) and the repetition of motifs. With this project, Matthieu Boucherit raises our awareness on reversibility, of the possible shift from authority to authoritarianism, and offers us a story of looks, fragility, manipulations, as well as the visible or invisible repercussions of the prescriptive gesture on our bodies.

Initially trained in advertising and visual communication, Matthieu Boucherit graduated from a Master in Research and Creation. He was awarded from the International College of Photography of Greater Paris Fellowship in 2019 and received the Young International Artist Award for Engaged Art in 2016. His work has been exhibited in France and abroad, including the exhibition Luttes et utopies at the Millau Museum (2020), the Biennale de l’Image Tangible in Paris (2019/2018), the Thessaloniki Biennial in Greece (2018), the La Conciergerie Art Center in Chambéry (2018), and the La Fabrique Art Center in Toulouse (2011). His works have been included in major private collections such as the Estelle and Hervé Francès Foundation and the Emerige Foundation as well as public collections such as the Fond Municipal d’Art Contemporain de Pantin.

Galerie Eric Mouchet [fr]

The Galerie Eric Mouchet represents mainly young contemporary artists with forward-looking approaches, whose research subjects are geopolitics, sociology, ecology, social and gender issues, without limi- tation of media or form (performance, installation, video, photography, drawing). Galerie Eric Mouchet also benefits from an expertise in the historical French and German avant-gardes (Le Corbusier, Schwitters, Ella Bergmann-Michel and Robert Michel...), which offers the possibi- lity of confrontations and interconnections between today’s living art and the art of the 20th century. The gallery is a member of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art and the Paris Gallery Map network.

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