Laure Tiberghien 

Rayon#12, 2019
Unique print on chromogenic paper, 50 × 40 cm / 19,6 × 15,7 in

© Laure Tiberghien / Courtesy Galerie Lumière des roses

Square#1, 2019
Unique print on chromogenic paper, 30 × 40 cm / 11,8 × 15,7 in

© Laure Tiberghien / Courtesy Galerie Lumière des roses

Born in Paris in 1992

Lives and works in Paris


Laure Tiberghien is an explorer. She explores the possibilities offered by silver photographic paper’s sensitive surface in the darkness of her laboratory. She photographs without a camera, which is reminiscent of the spirit of invention that inspired the first decades of photography. It has nothing to do with a melancholy experience of this medium. Her artistic approach, inspired by scientific photography, is closer to that of an alchemist. “What interests me is to depict invisible things that only appear by using photographic materials”. Through her experiments, she has freed herself from the subject and returned to the simplest photographic tool, the image in its very physicality. The one thing it captures, without trapping it, is the direct action of light rays on a sensitive surface.

When contemplating these photographs, we are reminded of abstract painting, which she does not hide her interest in but does reject as a comparison that would turn her into a painter of light. Her images are compositions whose shapes and colors are meticulously thought out and recorded in sketchbooks before she enters the darkroom. In other respects, the way the photographer works with light (which is not controlled as a painter would a color palette), the randomness (which she welcomes), the choice of paper (Cibachrome or chromogenic, depending on the desired result) all make her work a strictly photographic act.

Laure Tiberghien, a young photographer who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2016, has shown her work in various solo and group exhibitions, notably in Arles, in the Espace Van Gogh in 2017. In 2019, she and her gallery, Lumière des Roses, won the Prix Découverte Louis Roederer at the Recontres d’Arles.

Lumière des roses

Philippe and Marion Jacquier established the Lumière des Roses gallery in Montreuil in 2004. Their pioneering work in exploring and promoting anonymous photography quickly made them known to both collectors and French and international institutions. For the past 15 years, they have taken part in Paris Photo where they showcase the results of their “photographic harvests”. In 2017, they began collaborating with contemporary artists whose works resonate with the collection of old photographs that forms the gallery’s cornerstone.

Lumière des roses, 12-14, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau — 93100 Montreuil, France

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