Sébastien Reuzé 

Colorblind Sands series, 2012 – 2014
Lambda print, 80 × 120 cm / 31,5 × 47,2 in, edition of 5

© Sébastien Reuzé / Courtesy Meyer Zevil Art Projects

Colorblind Sands series, 2012 – 2014
Lambda print, 80 × 120 cm /31,5 × 47,2 in, edition of 5

© Sébastien Reuzé / Courtesy Meyer Zevil Art Projects


The work of Sébastien Reuzé’s consists of a research on photography, its uses and its applications in the study of contemporary myths. Plastic research, sociological research and scenographic research are all part of it.

For a ppr oc he, Sébastien Reuzé shows a selection of images from his project Colorblind Sands, a journey, a reflection upon photographic road trip. It explores the semantics of color, the experience of time and place, and the possibilities for analog printing in the darkroom. An imaginary journey through the history of American photography. Color, or the lack of it, is an on-going source of inspiration. The
development of an idea, which inevitably begins with the notion of “color”, plays a significant role in this project. Each work is printed in a hue that lends it a specific tension. Colorblind Sands is an attempt to cultivate a mental landscape. An environment that defies description and sends you on a schizophrenic, psychological trip. The focus is on the dissolution of the self, upon a mental unravelling. Fact and fiction coalesce in Reuzé’s work. Time occasionally makes its presence felt in this series of photographs. The works lead us into an ambiguous temporality. Are these images related to the past, present or future?

Sébastien Reuzé’s work has been shown in a variety of solo and group exhibitions in various places in Europe such as the Centre de La Photographie de Genève (2016) or the Catherine Bastide Project in Marseille (2017) etc. In 2019, the FOMU, Antwerp’s photography museum, devoted a solo exhibition to his work. Publishing is an important part of his approach. He is co-founder of the collective label Herman Byrd, an art-loving avatar who is devoted to publishing. In 2018, he published Colorblind Sands Randomsuperpoz, a signed and numbered artist’s book, printed in 70 copies, with the famous Belgian publishing house, Art Paper Editions.

Meyer Zevil Art Projects

Philippe and Christine Benadretti opened the Galerie des petits carreaux in Paris in 2011 and then established in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer. In the fall of 2019, the gallery changes its name to Meyer Zevil Art Projects, on the occasion of its installation in a larger venue on the Domaine de la Ferme du Golf de Lancieux, aiming at supporting visual artists by producing more ambitious exhibitions, diversifying its audiences, and engaging new collaborations in a more international framework.

Meyer Zevil Art Projects, Le Grand Vaupiard — 35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer &  Domaine de la Ferme du Golf — 22770 Lancieux


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