Thomas Paquet

Intuition bleue #1, 2019
Ambrotype on blue tinted glass, 18 × 24 cm / 7 × 9,4 in, unique piece

24S18-13h50, L’ombre des heures series, 2018
Cyanotype on cotton paper, 54 × 200 cm / 21,2 × 78,7 in, unique piece

© Thomas Paquet. Courtesy Galerie Thierry Bigaignon.

Born in Paris in 1979.

Lives and works in Paris, France.

L’Ombre des heures

Thomas Paquet’s work revolves around the notion of space and time.
Far from the information overloads and the speed excesses of the digital realms, Thomas quietly explores with matter. He envisages photography as an art which cannot be separated from its craft. As such, film is often at the core of his creation process and it is common for him to employ alternative techniques such as Polaroid, wet collodion prints or cyanotype. But most importantly his work is an invitation to go beyond our own expectations of reality, blurring the lines between science and poetry, materiality and abstraction, objectivity and subjectivity.

Thomas Paquet exposes his light sensitive papers through a strict protocol. The artist records with infinite patience the shadow of a gnomon, this astronomical instrument that projects a shadow as it follows the course of the sun on the celestial dome. Repeating these shadow captures throughout the year, and juxtaposing the resulting cyanotypes chronologically, these artworks provide us with imprints of various lengths, like scale-free abstract partitions where the shades of bleu evoke the infinite of the sky. Going from an immaterial experience to a tangible proof revealing the invisible to the eye, Thomas Paquet invites us to go beyond our own representation of reality and guides us through a poetic feel of the passage of time.

Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

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