My-Lan Hoang-Thuy

Untitled, 2018
Inkjet print on paper, 80 × 120 cm / 31,5 × 47,2 in, edition of 3

© Courtesy My-Lan Hoang- Thuy

Acne, 2019
Inkjet printing on acrylic paint, variable format, unique piece

© Courtesy My-Lan Hoang- Thuy

Born in Bourg-La-Reine (France) in 1990

Lives and works in Paris

Serviteurs et relations

Initially trained in graphic design, My-Lan Hoang-Thuy’s work as a whole is influenced by the practice of publishing. Images and writings become tools and the raw material she stretches, spreads and handles to create an alternative reading. It is not only the representation contained in these images that interests her, but also the process of creating them, what is hidden from view that acts as a revealing element. Flowers, nudity, intimacy are all subjects or motifs that form My- Lan’s very intimate iconography.
Two visual cultures are intertwined in her work, one western and the other from the Far East. She was born to Vietnamese parents who came to France in the 1970s and initially experienced this other culture through her parents’ customs such as flower offerings. She would soon discover this country and its hyper-saturated landscapes.

a ppr oc he will unveil a new series of works built from intimate images printed on "sheets of paintings". Will also be presented a set of works made from scans of bouquets of flowers. Adjustment of settings, little miracle of technique, a new image is created. My-Lan Hoang- Thuy, through these frictions, is constantly searching for a link between her past and present; between two cultures with opposing hues and in
which the artist does not have the same degree of freedom.

My-Lan Hoang-Thuy was born in 1990. She graduated from the Paris Fine Arts School. Her practice questions collage and relies on craftsmanship. She was nominated for the Prix des Amis des Beaux- Arts de Paris and the Salon de Montrouge in 2018, and also took part in the "Their Spring" exhibition at the Galerie Papillon and Intoto 6 at the Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard. Her work will soon be shown at the Fiminco Foundation’s Salon Jeune Création and at the Pompidou
Centre as part of the Dust project headed by Thomas Fougeirol and Jo-Ey Tang.

a ppr oc he sector

As an independent salon, a ppr oc he aims to promote and defend artists with multiple backgrounds. It is in this context that in 2018, the
a ppr oc he sector was created to open the selection to artists not represented to date by a gallery.

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