Eléonore False

Flower #2, 2019
Print on dibond, 280 × 110 cm / 110.24 × 43.31 in

© Claire Dorn

Camouflage #4, 2019
Collage, 38 × 29 cm / 14,96 × 11,42 in

© Claire Dorn

Born in 1987 in Paris, France

Lives and works in Paris, France

Éléonore False gleans images by browsing the flattened world of books: her practice has as a starting point the collage. The fragments she collects are then enlarged and cut from their original environment to be set in motion by various processes — printing, volume, weaving and glass work. After a long process of adjustment, these pieces move away from their original meaning and lead to new forms. The original image eventually disappears, retaining all its power of evocation. His work is also
deployed in sculpture and ceramics, through games of scale and image space, to reactivate it and bring it back to life. As figurative as abstract, as autonomous as permeable, the pieces coexist according to a deliberately enigmatic fiction.

For a ppr oc he, she presents enlargements of collages that come to highlight the materiality of the image’s weft, like that of a textile. These fragments then take on floral forms, from the stem to the petals. Flowers also accompanied by small collages of the series Camouflage, made this time on the scale of the found images.

Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, she has exhibited at the MRAC Occitanie, at the Palais des Beaux- Arts de Paris, at the El Eco Experimental Museum in Mexico, and recently in the Project Space of the VNH Gallery. Her work is part of several collections: Lafayette Anticipation, Frac IDF, FMAC of the city of Paris, MRAC Occitanie, Mac Val. Currently in residency in the Beaux Arts collections in Paris, her work is presented at the Grand Café in Saint Nazaire and at 40m cube in Rennes (program suite of the CNAP).

a ppr oc he sector

As an independent salon, a ppr oc he aims to promote and defend artists with multiple backgrounds. It is in this context that in 2018, the
a ppr oc he sector was created to open the selection to artists not represented to date by a gallery.

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