Cathryn Boch  

Kenya 2012,
Daily press photography, sewing, sugar icing on paper, 21 × 14 cm / 8,2 × 5,5 in, unique piece

© Cathryn Boch / Courtesy Galerie Papillon

Untitled 2019,
Press photography, digital print, collage, wooden stick,
sewing, 214 × 115.6 × 35 cm / 84,2 × 45,5 × 13,7 in, unique piece

© Cathryn Boch / Courtesy Galerie PapillonUntitled 2019, 

Born in Strasbourg in 1968

Lives and works in Marseille

Cathryn Boch never leaves the paper medium she works with unscathed, grabbing and perforating it with a sewing machine needle, until it blisters. Her work uses aerial photographs, old photos of industrial sites, maps, tracing paper, topography, etc., as well as newspaper clippings, which she coats with sugar, picking out the contours with yarn. The fragility of this paper, the perforated tracing paper and the proliferation of yarn also reveal a rapidly changing environment.

Cathryn Boch’s work deals with territories and the impermanence of borders, as well as the social, political and ecological issues embedded in them, as part of a relationship with the world that is intertwined and linked to the experience of mental space. These landscapes-bodies wear their own stitched fabrics. In Cathryn Boch’s view, borders, territory- migration-occupation-alteration boundaries, are all scars that echo the chaos of impending human and planetary metamorphoses.

Cathryn Boch graduated from the École supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg in 1996, has received numerous residencies abroad and exhibited at Mamco in 2009. She won the Drawing Now Award in 2014. Her works feature in the public collections of the Frac Picardie and PACA, the FMAC and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Her work is also to be found in several renowned private collections. Cathryn Boch has just completed a one-year research residency at the Art 3bisF centre in Aix-en-Provence. The works created in this context were shown during the 3rd solo exhibition that the Galerie Papillon devoted to her work from May to July 2019.

Galerie Papillon

Founded in 1989 by Claudine Papillon, Galerie Papillon is now managed by Marion Papillon. The gallery is recognized for its personal editorial line, its commitment to the French art scene and its sensitivity to works on paper. It brings together artists that have a common sense of poetry, irony and boldness. Its team is being renewed and relies also on younger artists and foreign artists.

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