Jean-Claude Ruggirello

In dust we trust II, 2018
Photo collage, ash, paper, 64 × 48 cm, unique piece

© JC Rugirello. Courtesy Galerie Papillon.

Dust system

For more than 30 years, Jean-Claude Ruggirello has been developing a singular work based on an exploration of simple, economical gestures which, in their infinite variations and skilful repetition, produce a form of unusual language in the field of the plastic arts.
Over the course of his career, the artist has explored numerous media: video, drawing, sculpture, photography, sound, and performance.
In Système des poussières (Dust System), the use of photography operates as a dialect that develops in the in the periphery of a language. Here, the images are silent, they say nothing about time, place or the figure represented, they are without gravity, they are remanences, photographic frequencies that give rise to sculptural hypotheses.

The montage of fragments is similar to a score written with the debris of images that float in space, like dust suspended in light, revealing the geography of an unstable balance.
Ruggirello's research is marked by a quest for simplicity which sometimes involves the accumulation of forms in order to reach their exhaustion and, in fact, their overcoming. His work is always built on a striking visual surprise that distils, in a second time, an infinity of poetic readings.

Ruggirello graduated from the Beaux-arts de Marseille in 1985. He is part of the artists listed in the book 20 ans d 'art en France, edited by Michel Gauthier, curator at the Centre Pompidou, published by the Ricard Foundation (Ed. Flammarion) in November 2018. The works of JC Ruggirello are part of numerous public and private collections and private collections such as the FRAC Bourgogne, the FRAC Aquitaine, the FNAC, the Musée de Rennes, the Fonds communal de Kruishoutem, Belgium, the FRAC PACA and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes.

Galerie Papillon

Created by Claudine Papillon in 1989, Galerie Papillon is now directed by Marion Papillon. The gallery is known for its characteristic editorial line, its commitment to the French art scene and its sensitivity for works on paper. It brings together artists who have a common sense of poetry, irony and audacity. Its team is renewing and developing with younger artists and and foreign artists.

Galerie Papillon, 13 rue Chapon — 75003 Paris, France.

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