Ken Matsubara

Repetition - Book "HOTEL CONTINENTAL SAIGON", 2014 film, mixed media, music stand, 24 × 30 cm, unique piece.

© Ken Matsubara. Courtesy Galerie Eric Mouchet.

Repetition - Book 'CONEY ISLAND', 2014
Film, mixed media, music stand, 24 × 30 cm, unique piece.

© Ken Matsubara. Courtesy Galerie Eric Mouchet.

Repetition Books

Ken Matsubara's works attempt to explore the possibility of melting memories that reside deep in memories that reside deep in the consciousness and to insert them into everyday objects. His works are composed of photographs, videos from memory and old objects that also embody memory.
Convinced that moving images have the capacity to call up and express the fluctuating properties of memory, he assumes that memories are genetically inherent in the inherent in our DNA and that they contain a vast knowledge of the past. Moreover, they share a collective memory that goes beyond the individual and interpenetrates between the past and the present era. If we can recall such memories, Ken Matsubara believes that there is a potential for our future beyond the boundaries of cultural, historical and social notions of individuality.
We thus oscillate between the past and the future in a state of repetition, constantly searching for means without end.

Ken Matsubara's work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, and are present in various public collections such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo), the Maison du Livre, de L'image et du Son, La Bibliotèque de Villeurbanne (Lyon), the Polaroid Corporation of Japan (Tokyo). After Hou Chou, his first solo exhibition at the Galerie Eric Mouchet in 2016 and in France, Repetition Books is a foretaste of his second second solo show at the gallery in spring 2021.

Galerie Eric Mouchet

Art dealer and collector for more than 20 years, Eric Mouchet opened a gallery dedicated to in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 2014, dedicated to contemporary art and and emerging artists. The gallery also produces exhibitions and books on modern art and certified artists such as
Le Corbusier, Eikoh Hosoe, Hudinilson Jr. and Robert Mapplethorpe.
These two faces are the milestones of Galerie Eric Mouchet's philosophy. Eric Mouchet's philosophy and are an integral part of its identity, allowing it toto think about and accompany emerging artists and their productions.

Galerie Eric Mouchet, 45 rue Jacob — 75006 Paris, France

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