Claudia Larcher

The Archittetura n°32, 2018
Paper collage, wooden frame wooden frame, 33 × 25 × 9 cm, unique piece.

© Claudia Larcher. Courtesy 22,48m2.

Ornament is crime (Urban Landscapes series), 2019.  Printed photograph, 40 × 61 cm, unique piece.

© Claudia Larcher. Courtesy 22,48m2.


Claudia Larcher is a visual artist who focuses on video animation, photo-montage, collage and installation. Her work stands out polymorphous and complex practice, which confronts without hesitation several areas of art history. The artist proposes an artistic work in direct link with architecture, through a search for places linked to history linked to history, familiarity and memory, questioning the meaning of the meaning of "home" and "identity". Using assembly, collage or sampling, Claudia Larcher makes it impossible to distinguis the original from the copy, the model from the replica, reality from imagination.

At first sight, there may be nothing to see of the collapse of the title of the solo show presented here.
"The title of the solo show presented here is 'collapse'. Nothing that collapses, no destruction. However, whether it is a video, a framed montage or an installation video, a framed montage or a wall installation, Claudia Larcher's compositions have the concrete but very unreal quality of dreams.These works do not represent the collapse of particular buildings, but rather the collapse of the buildings, but represent the collapse of modernist architectural paradigms.
Claudia Larcher studied "Media Art and Sculpture" from 2001 to 2008 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2005, she has presented her work in various solo and group exhibitions: Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan), Slought Foundation Philadelphia (USA), Weimar Art Festival (Germany), Centre Pompidou (France), Museum of Contemporary Art / Roskilde, steirischer Herbst (Austria), Anthology Film Archives (USA) and Manifesta in 2020. She has won several awards such as the Game Award and the Kunsthalle Wien Award (2008), the
Hilde Goldschmidt Award (2019) and the Outstanding Artist Award of the Austrian Ministry of Culture (2016). In March 2019, the first
monograph of Claudia Larcher was published by de Gruyter Verlag.

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