Laurent Lafolie

Series l/l, 2020
2 pure platinum prints 112 × 156 cm, on continuous natural silk thread, superimposed at an angle, background and back cotton laminated on 2 × 3mm Dibond, oak frame and uprights, 3 mm museum glass, unique piece in an edition of 3 (+2AP)

© Laurent Lafolie. Courtesy Galerie Binome.

Series i|i.04 - Imaginatio, 2020
Photogravure, white ink and magnesium oxide on sandblasted extra-clear glass, painted metal frame, 2mm museum glass, 47 × 38 cm, unique piece.

© Laurent Lafolie. Courtesy Galerie Binome.


Laurent Lafolie has been concentrating his research for the past fifteen years on the mechanisms of appearance and perception of images. Also recognized as one of the best printers of his generation, he pushes the experimentation of chemistry, the choice of supports (washi, tracing paper, glass, silk) and printing processes (contact, platinum, UV printing
carbon ink, photogravure) to the level of an artistic challenge. These projects have in common the use of transparency or invisibility as a vanishing point for the viewer. The presentation devices play on the arrangement and disposition of the images: suspension and superposition, inversion, accumulation and transfer within boxes, sculptures and installations. Laurent Lafolie creates photographic objects, which the viewer, by moving around and around and in front of the works, modifies their reading.

For a ppr oc he, Tou, an allusion to the Lacanian concept of the of the "pastout", reveals the place of absence and the contingent in the construction of his works. The figure, a favourite medium, has been part of his practice for years practice for years and constitutes a laboratory archive, the object of an endless reworking. Intertwining portraits where identities dissolve, are absorbed identities dissolve, absorb, compensate each other, and reform the image of each one, in hollow.

A self-taught artist, Laurent Lafolie is regularly invited to creative residencies and his work is regularly exhibited in solo shows, notably at the Chapelle des Dames Blanches in La Rochelle (2019), Espace F in Matane, Canada (2017), Galerie Binome in Paris and Lawangwangi
Creative Space in Bandung, Indonesia (2016), Gallery JM in Heyrimaeul-Gil in South Korea (2015), La Grande Plage in Biarritz (2014), Le Lieu in Lorient - Utopik in Tessy sur Vire (2012), La Commanderie in Lacommande and School gallery in Paris (2011).

Galerie Binome

Since 2010, the Binome Gallery (Le Marais, Paris) is dedicated to contemporary photography, specifically to visual arts in search of new forms in photography. Its programme of exhibitions and international fairs is open to emerging artists of contemporary art exploring the conceptual and formal boundaries of the medium. The Galerie Binome is a member of the French Professional Committee of Art Galleries.

Galerie Binome, 19 rue Charlemagne — 75004 Paris, France

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