Thomas Devaux

Rayon 1.58, 2021
Fine Art paper, pigment print, 22 carat gold leaf frame, 300 × 150 cm, Edition 3 + 1AP

© Courtesy Thomas Devaux

Dichroic Shopper 2.9, 2021
Dichroic glass, pigment print, 22-carat gold leaf frame
22 carat gold leaf, 120 × 100cm, Edition 3 + 2AP

© Courtesy Thomas Devaux

Obscure Objects

Thomas Devaux's work is close to painting and drawing. From his first works, the artist pursues his research on the themes of the sacred
and the profane. The artist is currently developing an ensemble entitled Cet Obscur Objet du Désir (Obscure Object of Desire), divided into three series: The Shoppers, Rayons and Dichroics. He questions the new transcendences of the contemporary world.
In The Shoppers, Thomas Devaux captures the faces of supermarket customers at checkout.
In Rayons, he completes his critical vision of the world of consumption by reappropriating the codes of abstract painting. In his series Dichroics, made by mixing dichroic glass with photographs, this time the work obeys a more vertical and mirrored composition which integrates the viewer's body by melting it into the colour. The physical and formal confrontation with the viewer reveals a buried part of the magical primitivism crystallised by the totem form. This Obscure Object of Desire appears as a plastic fable through which the public
can become aware of its own consumption.

To illustrate this, Thomas Devaux will present unique works in progress from his opus Obscurs Objets: works from his Dichroics works - hypnotising, reflective and radiant - playing with light and scenery - and a large Rayon, investing the space witha permanent tension between the sacred and the profane.

Thomas Devaux has a degree in Performing Arts.These works are part of prestigious private or public collections, such as that of the BNF. He was nominated for the "Contemporary Art Prize of Arte/Cutlog in 2011 and won the Bourse du Talent the same year.
Several documentaries have been made about his work and screened at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and at Centquatre in 2016. He participates every year in numerous exhibitions and major international fairs.

Galerie Bertrand Grimont

Since December 2008, a few steps away from the Pompidou Centre, the Galerie Bertrand Grimont has been representing French and foreign artists.
Using mediums as varied as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography or video, each of these artists develops their own style,
installation, photography or video, each of these artists develops a demanding each of these artists develops a demanding body of work, which is sometimes informed by other such as design and architecture. Without any demonstration, the gallery aims to present works that, through a certain culture of materials and the body, question our relationship to reality.

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