Coraline de Chiara

Adhesion, 2020
Gouache and cyanotype on paper, 20 × 30 cm, unique piece.

© Coraline de Chiara. Courtesy Galerie Claire Gasteaud.

Pachamama, 2020
Acrylic and cyanotype on paper, 30 × 40 cm, unique piece

© Coraline de Chiara. Courtesy Galerie Claire Gasteaud.

Two suns in the sunset

Coraline de Chiara's artistic practice is a perpetual decompartmentalization of the photographic image and the painting, sometimes the painting operates a covering of the image (work with wax, serigraphy, collage) sometimes it creates the illusion of an image. The work of the cyanotype allows to initiate a new alliance between photography and painting.
The support, whether paper or canvas, is coated with a photosensitive emulsion on which Coraline de Chiara affixes objects, fragments fragments, scraps of paper, negatives or even silk-screened layers. The sunlight acts on this emulsion, revealing photograms, or even spectra of or even spectra of documents. From that moment on, cyan blue is either assumed or used as an undercoat and Coraline de Chiara intervenes the paint in order to awaken certain elements, to contradict them or to or confuse them.

The solo show presented at a ppr oc he Two suns in the sunset, borrowing the title of the Pink Floyd song, proposes a counter-time in which two beats meet; as in the lyrics, the sun rises in the east and the day ends elsewhere, a sense of floating, a pause.
This project carried out in confinement, to the rhythm of the sun, gives rise to a reflection on the slowness and exhaustion of the image.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2011, Coraline de Chiara was, in 2009, winner of the LVMH prize for young designers and selected and represented by Jean-Michel Alberola for the Antoine Marin Prize. She has since participated in numerous exhibitions Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Lage Egal (Berlin), Clovis XV (Brussels), Museum of contemporary art of Rochechouart, Palais des Beaux Arts (Paris), Maison Rouge (Paris), Musée Cognacq-Jay (Paris), etc.

Galerie Claire Gastaud

Since 1986, Claire Gastaud has been building a strong and plural artistic line that articulates figurative painting, conceptual practices and those inherited from land art. The gallery thus creates alliances between generations, between mediums and between territories.
French and international, the historical and tutelary figures meet the following generations to write a common history.
The gallery favours an experience of looking through singular and committed artistic practices and committed artistic practices, in phase with the current world.

Galerie Claire Gastaud, 5-7 rue du Terrail — 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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