Filip Berendt  

Monomyth II G 2016/2017
Pigment ink print on dibond, acrylic paint, MDF, 50 × 70 cm, unique piece

© Filip Berendt. Courtesy l'étrangère.

Monomyth II E 2018 
Pigment ink print on dibond, acrylic paint, MDF, 72 × 52 cm, unique piece

© Filip Berendt. Courtesy l'étrangère.


At the crossroads of painting, sculpture and photography Filip Berendt's work focuses on a process of making the invisible visible, revealing a set of hidden processes and layers within the same image, arising from rigorous scenarios that he concretises on a flat surface. 
Filip Berendt creates three-dimensional works from found materials: food, scrap metal, or even organic substances such as mould, in order to reframe and redefine our known environment.The process of abstraction to which Filip Berendt submits his images culminates in the immediacy of the photograph; these sculptural works were never intended to be experienced as such, Filip Berendt destroys these objects after using and photographing them.
This approach to image-making is echoed in the artist's words: "I don't consider myself a photographer, on the contrary I make performative actions and sculptures for which a camera is an ideal tool".

The new works from the Monomyth series presented at a ppr oc he are composed of black and white photographs embedded in painted geometric blocks - evidence of the artist's personal journey in search of a myth that unites all cultures. cultures. Monomyth, a work begun in 2015, represents the archetypal model of fictional narratives, shared by all mythical stories, manifesting itself as the hero's journey.

Filip Berendt obtained an MA at the Royal College of Arts in London in 2011. He was awarded the Sittcomm Prize for Photography and a
scholarship to the Residencia Corazón in Buenos Aires. His other artist residencies include Chiang Mai, Thailand and Treasure Hill Artist Village, in Taipei. Filip Berendt has participated in numerous institutional exhibitions in Poland, including a prestigious exhibition as part of the of the 2019 Krakow Month of Photography. His first solo exhibition took place in London at the l 'étrangère gallery in 2015. His work is featured in numerous international publications, including British Journal of Photography and FOAM, Amsterdam.


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