Laurent Millet

Untitled #5, Cyanomètre, 2017

20 × 25 camera shot on paper negative, cyanotype and digital print in carbon ink, 27,5 × 15,7 in, single print in an edition of 4 (+1 artist’s proof), complete series of 12 plates – unique prints in an edition of 3 (+1 artist’s proof) 

© Laurent Millet. Courtesy Galerie Binome

À peu près Euclide #02, 2021 

Gum bichromate in quadrichromy, laminated on Dibond, framed under anti-reflective glass, single print in an edition of 3 (+2 artist’s proof) 

© Laurent Millet. Courtesy Galerie Binome

Born in 1968 in Roanne, France. Lives and works in La Rochelle. 

Presented by Emilia Genuardi 

Géométries célibataires 

Laurent Millet’s hybrid photographic works take root in space via other media, such as sculpture, drawing, or site-specific installation. They are timeless and explore a multitude of printing techniques, ambrotype, salted paper, cyanotype, gelatin-silver and very recently gum bichromate. The making of the image, and by extension, the imaginary, is at the heart of his fine art exploration. Straddling narrative and more formal characters linked to architecture, he also questions the place of the artist in the creative process. 

Géométries célibataires presented at a pp roc he brings together three bodies of work, A peu près Euclide, Cyanomètre and Children’s corner. Works with a scholarly and playful inspiration, derived from mathematical treatises and measuring instruments, which the artist uses to invent new rules for construction games. From ancient and scientific rectitude to the aesthetics of forms and the poetics of color, between rigor and discrepancy, Millet plays the score with as much spirit as Jacques Tati or the Memphis group. 

Laurent Millet teaches at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Angers (TALM). He won the Nadar Prize 2014 for Les Enfantillages Pittoresques (Filigranes Editions) and the Niépce Prize 2015 among others and is a member of the Casa de Velazquez (2007 to 2009). His work has been the subject of numerous publications and exhibitions — Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, BnF, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Musée d’Histoire Naturelle, Rencontres d’Arles, Musée Niépce de Chalon sur Saône, Centre photographique de Rouen etc. — including a first retrospective at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Angers in 2014, and a second in 2021 at the Musée Malraux in Le Havre. His works are housed in prestigious collections in France (BnF, FNAC, Mep etc.) and in the United States (Los Angeles County Museum, MoMA in San Francisco, Chicago Art Institute, Museums of Fine Arts in Houston and Santa Fe) where he is also represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. He joined the Binome Gallery in 2019, which is curating his first solo exhibition, Un architecte comme les autres, in 2021. 

Galerie Binome 

Since 2010, Galerie Binome (Le Marais, Paris) is dedicated to contemporary photography, specifically to visual arts in search of new forms in photography. Its exhibition and international fairs programming is open to emerging contemporary artists, and explores the conceptual and formal boundaries of the medium. Galerie Binome is a member of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries. 

Galerie Binome, 19 rue Charlemagne — 75004 Paris, France. 

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