Grégoire Eloy

Glacier du Rhône, Switzerland, 2020 

Lambda silver print on baryta paper, 39,3 . 49,2 in, Ed. 1/7 + 2 Artist proof 

© Grégoire Eloy. Courtesy Tendance Floue

Photogramme #1, carotte de neige du glacier d’Ossoue, 2021 

Lambda silver print on baryta paper, 17,3 . 23,6 in, Ed. 1/7 + 2 Artist proof 

© Grégoire Eloy. Courtesy Tendance Floue

Born in 1971. Lives and works in Paris, FR.

Presented by Caroline Stein 

De glace 

Grégoire Eloy’s work, initially a documentary corpus, has evolved over the years into a more intimate practice exploring new territories (geographical, scientific, and imaginary). It has been enriched, along the way, with a freedom of form consisting of craft experiments: installations, book-objects, outdoor photograms, contact silver prints on computer screens. His series are pervaded with the themes of remains, absence, and the invisible. For almost a decade he has focused his research on the scientific world and our relationship to the environment and the wild, through residencies in natural environments. 

He is presenting De glace at a ppr oc he, a series on glaciology and the related sciences of snow and water at altitude, initiated in two phases: in the Alps (2020) for Fragiles, a new collective project by Tendance Floue, and in the Pyrenees (2021), for the Résidence 1+2. De Glace is the third chapter of a photographic investigation into the science of matter. A book is due for publication in October 2021 by Éditions Filigranes. 

Why this aspiration? This infatuation with heights? This call of the infinite? Grégoire Eloy’s photographs question us by captivating us so impressively, with a drive that annihilates our bearings between the obscure world and our miniscule lives. The relationship of scale is vertiginously scrambled, all the better to instil a notion of origins within us, like a play of light. He tells us about glaciers, mountains, fault lines, and legends too. He redefines a geometry that tends towards abstraction; the instantaneous shock of contemplation is experienced, or even survived, as we follow these life lines that are as staggering as they are sidereal. Caroline Stein 

A self-taught artist, Grégoire Eloy started his career in 2003 as assistant to Stanley Green. In 2004, he won the Bourse du Talent Reportage. Since then, his work has been shown in many exhibitions: Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia), Guernsey Photography Festival (United Kingdom), Noorderlicht Photography Festival (the Netherlands), Transfotografia (Poland), and Galerie Faits et Causes (France). He is the author of several monographs: The Fault (RVB Books), Dear FairYs (self-published), LHC (Book Machine/Onestar Press), A Black Matter (Journal), and Les Oubliés du Pipeline (Images Plurielles). He has been a member of the Tendance Floue collective since 2016. In 2021, he won the Niépce Prize Gens d’Images. 

Tendance Floue

Founded in 1991, Tendance Floue, a collective of sixteen photographers, is a one-of-a-kind laboratory. Exploring the world and countering standard globalised imagery, looking into the shadows of the subjects it exposes, capturing singular moments: the collective’s power of attraction enables its photographers to venture into little-known territories and bring back material for a communal body of photographic research. The presence of Tendance Floue at a ppr oc he falls within this desire for experimentation that the collective has continually revived over the last thirty years. 

Tendance Floue, 2 rue Marcelin Berthelot — 93100 Montreuil, FR 

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