Antony Cairns

TYO4_050, 2019 

Inkjet on 30 cream with multi colour stripe computer punch cards Negative, 19,6 . 36,8 in, unique Piece 

© Antony Cairns. Courtesy Galerie Intervalle

E.I. TYO4_004, 2019 

E-ink screen encapsulated in Perspex box. Negative 4 . 5 in, 7,9 . 7,9 . 1,3 in with frame 

© Antony Cairns. Courtesy Galerie Intervalle

Born, lives and works in 1980 in London, UK. 

Presented by Emilia Genuardi 

CTY : High Rise 

Antony Cairns’ work combines tradition, experimentation and nostalgia for the origins of digital technology. The artist produces unique works from a photographic corpus representing the dizzying urbanism of megacities such as Tokyo, London and New York. Antony Cairns is both a master darkroom printer and a brilliantly futuristic geek. He has mastered both the use of the effect of light on analogue film through a range of experimental darkroom processes and the clever invention of printing processes on obsolete digital media. 

CTY : High Rise, presented for the 5th edition of a ppr oche, features two of the artist’s iconic experiments. In Computer Punch Card, Antony Cairns explores the prehistory of the digital age by printing his photographic works on early computer punch cards that he finds and assembles into montages. The E.I. Screens, strange descendant of the daguerreotype, present the same urban photographic corpus, this time reproduced in electronic ink on the boneless screens of hacked e-readers. 

A graduate of the London College of Printing in the late 1990s, Antony Cairns has exhibited and published widely in Europe, the United States and Japan. Recent exhibitions include TY02-LDN4, at Roman Road Gallery, London (2017); A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age, at the George Eastman Museum, New York (2016); and LA-LV / LDN Process at Sfera, Kyoto, Japan, as part of KYOTOGRAPHY 2016. An installation by the artist was featured in the exhibition Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art at Tate Modern, London (2018). Cairns has won the Hariban Prize (2015) and the Images Vevey Special Jury Prize (2017). His work is held in important British and European collections and was recently acquired by the George Eastman Museum, New York. Antony Cairns has published City (2018), and recently Computer_Punch_Card_Selected_Artworks_Computer:_Listing_Paper_Edition (2021) with Mörel Books. 

Galerie Intervalle 

Since 2014, Intervalle has been campaigning for a dozen French and foreign artists and promoting their work. The gallery, dedicated to the photographic medium, is interested in the politics of images. In the tradition of Alfredo Jaar, a Chilean artist who said: “I have never been able to create a single work of art that comes from my imagination”, the artists represented by Intervalle produce work that is anchored in their time, sometimes in the present. They construct, according to their projects, a proposal that sheds light on our view of the world. 

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