a ppr oc he - a salon with a unique bias : presenting artists who appropriate the photographic medium

Founded in 2017 by Emilia Genuardi, a ppr oc he is an independent salon designed as an exhibition, with a curatorial gaze, and selects artists who use photography on non-traditional media exploring issues of photosensitivity. a ppr oc he presents each year, in November, at the same time as Paris Photo, works by 15 artists represented by their galleries. A new type of art fair showcasing artists and inviting dialogue.
To build this salon dedicated to an experimental approach to photography, we look for new talents every year who use photography on non-traditional media and question photosensitivity.
For this next edition, we are widening our search net through a call for applications intended for artists and their gallery.

Open call application selection by Emilia Genuardi & Michel Poivert.

Open call closing on April 7th 2023 at midnight

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